Residential Locksmiths

At Locksmiths Maroubra Eastern Suburbs NSW, we have a team of locksmiths trained and experienced in dealing with every kind of residential locksmith services need that might come up. Most people only think of going to a locksmith when they need a copy of a house or apartment key made, but there is a wide of variety of projects that our residential locksmiths are prepared to take on. Residential locksmiths are experts in security systems, and our company is committed to giving you the best security and the peace of mind that comes with it. The residential locksmith services we offer in Maroubra include but are not limited to:

  • Fixing broken locks (doors, windows, etc.)
  • Making master keys (one key for every lock)
  • Security gates
  • Security systems
  • Safes and lock boxes
  • Mailboxes
  • Removing and fixing broken-off keys
  • Deadbolts and padlocks
  • Garage door locks
  • Decorative locks
  • Installation of security cameras
  • Changing locks

When you move into a new apartment or house in Maroubra, you should strongly consider calling us to change all your locks. Even though it can be assumed that the previous residents will likely not come back and unlock all your doors, there might be a lot of copies of those keys floating around, and it only takes one burglar finding one for you to be dealing with the easiest break-in ever. Our team of residential locksmiths will come in after you move, change all the locks, and give you as many keys for those locks as you want. We have all the equipment necessary to copy any key you have for a very reasonable rate. Our Maroubra locksmiths can even give you one key for all your locks so you do not have to deal with a jangling keychain full of keys. We can also put locks on your mailboxes so no one comes along and goes through your mail looking for birthday money or confidential information.

While we are at your home changing locks, we can also install security systems for you at whatever level of security you desire. This can look like us installing some strong deadbolts on your doors or wiring a full system with security cameras, remote alarms, and security gate locks. Depending on your area and budget, we can recommend the best systems for you. We have a full inventory of garage door locks, window locks, and pick-proof locks for you to choose from. If you want some decorative locks to give the appearance of security and dissuade burglars, or if you just like the look of a certain lock and are not overly concerned about its functionality, we have a wide range of decorative locks as well.

Safes and lock boxes are not just for banks and jewelry stores. If you have some expensive or otherwise valuable items (jewelry, legal documents, and guns) and you want some extra security for those, we offer a range of safes and lock boxes for your possessions. We also offer services for changing safe combinations and opening safes. Safes are an excellent security measure because even if a burglar does gain entry in your home, they will have a lot of trouble getting at your most valuable possessions and will likely be stopped before they can open a safe, especially our safes. This is especially important for people who own guns, as one of the worst scenarios is if a burglar enters your home and finds your gun. We can set you up with a safe or lock box that makes it hard for a burglar or children to get inside it, but is simple enough for you to access it in an emergency situation.

Many locksmiths play a dirty game when it comes to prices. They will often give you a low price by phone and then once they actually finish the project, the price is nowhere near the price they quoted. A legitimate and ethical locksmith will never deceive you this way, assuming you have accurately described what service you need performed when asking for an estimate. Our prices are always fair and affordable for most budgets. Our quoted price is the final price of your bill. We believe that every family – no matter their income – should be able to secure their home and keep their family safe. Even if you are not purchasing a high-end security system, our lock systems are of the highest quality and have our seal of approval.

Our team of locksmiths are fully trained in their craft and perform each project efficiently and in a friendly manner. Our customer service has an excellent reputation and you will be so satisfied that you will never want another locksmith. We treat every client like they are the most important person in the world and our work reflects that. Take a look at our customer reviews and see what people are saying about us. For more information on Locksmiths Maroubra and the services we provide for residential areas, please contact a representative.