Commercial Locksmiths

Locksmiths Maroubra is your local Emergency Locksmith. We are here to unlock you. While in the past  might have been limited to equipment that look more like dentist’s tools and worked almost exclusively with rusty locks and safes, times have changed. Now, locksmiths are essentially the most experienced and trained security system consultants for commercial businesses, and Locksmith Maroubra is no exception. We are deeply knowledgeable about the most technologically-advanced security systems that will keep your commercial business safe and all our commercial locksmiths are fully trained in how to best install them. Our services include the following:

  • Lock and key repair
  • Master keys and systems
  • Buzz-in door systems
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Computer locks
  • Electronic locks
  • Fire doors
  • Alarm systems
  • Digital safes
  • Replacing lost keys
  • Security systems

Maintaining security for an office or other business can be difficult because there are often a lot of ranks in place and rules about who can access what. Locksmiths Maroubra has the focus and skill to be extremely thorough and set up a variety of security systems within a single building. We can install physical locks for filing cabinets and digital locks for safes and computers. We are able to keep track of every system that is in place so if there is a problem, we can return and repair it quickly and efficiently. In terms of what kind of security system you want, the only limit is your imagination. Our inventory is stocked with the newest high-end video surveillance systems, alarms, electronic locks, and safes. Our locksmiths pride themselves on their knowledge, experience, and ability to think creatively about security systems.

If your business is smaller or you do not require a lot of security measures, we are fully prepared to assist you as well. Depending on your needs, we can install locks on all of your filing cabinets, windows, and alarm your door so a burglar looking for an easy job will quickly change his mind after he learns that this tiny bookstore is fully secured even without a roaming security camera and lasers. We also provide commercial buildings and businesses in Maroubra with standard locksmith services like replacing lost keys, making key copies, changing out locks, and repairing damaged locks or keys. These types of services are very affordable for any business. If you are not sure about what kind of security your business should have, we will offer you our recommendations and give you a good idea about what the installation would cost. Whether your business is a jewelry store that requires a lot of safes and security cameras, or you just need a buzzer system installed for your apartment complex, we have the best commercial locksmiths who are fully prepared to take on any project.

Your business’ security is extremely important and so you should not trust just any locksmith. Many locksmith companies are sketchy and advertise in newspapers or online by promising extremely low prices, but when they come to the work site, you will find that they do not have the necessary skills and end up charging you a lot of money for poor work. You will have wasted your valuable money and will now have to find another locksmith to finish the job properly. There are some steps you can take to be sure your locksmith is legitimate. Ask if the locksmith is fully insured and licensed. Also, ask about any hidden fees, like if the locksmith is going to charge you extra fees for driving a certain distance and so on. A good locksmith will also provide you with an estimate before any work has been done. At Locksmiths Maroubra, you can rest assured that all our locksmiths are fully certified and experienced. We will also offer you an honest estimate and are completely open about our prices. If you want to have these facts confirmed, do not hesitate to call us with any questions. We are sure that you will find us to be completely legitimate and that our company has an excellent reputation.

We serve all commercial locksmith needs in the Maroubra area. This includes retail stores, malls, offices, schools, hospitals, apartment complexes, government buildings, and so on. Our locksmiths have years of experiences working on these sites and are always educating themselves on the newest and best security systems. You can be sure that our locksmiths come fully prepared to each project with a full inventory of all the equipment they might need, so your business will never be left overnight with lax security measures in place. Compared to other locksmith companies, our rates are extremely competitive and our Maroubra locksmiths always provide the best services for any budget, from big corporate offices to small retail shops.

If you have a business or are involved with the security for any commercial building, give us a call now to learn more about us and the services we provide.